For those of you that are looking for jobs in the green field, I started a jobs list as a google group called "GreenARJobs".  You can view postings online or get them emailed to you.
The most recent posting is actually a job here in my office!  See below.
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Arkansas Environmental Education Association

July 31, 2008

Lake Point Conference Center

Russellville, AR

Professional Development Hours for Teachers!!

Featured Speakers:

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How many bees are you seeing on an average day?

Menu for the Future discussion course

Seven-session discussion course begins June 19.  Group will meet Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm at Whole Foods Community Room in Little Rock.  Learn about food systems and their impacts on culture, society and Earth.  This course offers practical suggestions on creating and supporting a more sustainable food system, explores the effects of modern industrial agriculture on both human and ecological health, and highlights sustainable agriculture.  $20 fee covers cost of study guide. Read more »

Ozark Seed Bank

Eco-toolkit from Organic Consumers Association

Earth Week is just around the corner (April 19-26), and the OCA wants to make sure you have your eco-toolbelts equipped with all of the necessary materials to help educate people and move the country toward positive change. Whether you are attending an Earth Day event, throwing an environmentally focused house party, or just bringing some helpful reading materials to leave on the office break-room table during Earth Week, the OCA has a full menu of green goodies for you to print, copy and circulate: Read more »

Sustainable Alternatives Announces April Events

Great things are happening at our big green house this month. From film screenings, to recycling classes, from putting in a demonstration garden to our first potluck dinner, we’ve got something for everyone.


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Bill McKibben interview about global warming

Check out this youtube video of the great Bill McKibben being interviewed about global warming by Wendy Hanamura of LinkTV.


Here's Bill talking about local food.


And here's a link to a 1 minute video of a fantastic new documentary called the planet.

Stock your Garden on Saturday with locally grown, open pollinated, heirloom plants

Karyn and Herb will only be here once this season - stop in and pick up some plants!