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Project 180, Inc.
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523 W. Hawthorn Street
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Project 180 - Transforming Troubled Teens… No Turning Back!

Project 180 is a youth and community development program that addresses issues facing at-risk youth. In Project 180, troubled teens work toward their GED or high school diplomas, learn job skills and serve their communities through GREEN initiatives and transform their own lives and roles in society. Project 180 students are at-risk and have had experience with the juvenile justice system. Participants spend 6-24 months in the program, dividing their time between the horticultural site and the 180 alternative school.   Because of the comprehensive approach, Project 180 will become the following: ·        An alternative school in which young people attend a school full-time on alternate weeks, studying for their GED or high school diplomas. Classes are small, allowing one-on-one attention to students.   ·        Community service programs in which young people help beautify their community through horticultural knowledge gained on-site. This could include planting flowers at city parks, expanding community gardens, or providing produce throughout Northwest Arkansas.    ·        Job training and pre-apprenticeship program, in which young people get close supervision and training in horticultural skills on alternate weeks from qualified instructors. They can do this by: “Green Building” and “Horticultural Therapy”.              ·  Green Building is a practice that promotes the economic health and well being of your family, the community and your environment. Green Building has positive social and economical outcomes that emphasize the young people’s commitment to the future and the way we live for years to come.                · Horticultural therapy is an innovative treatment method using plants and plant-related activities to improve the social, educational, psychological, and physical abilities of an individual, thus improving his/her body, mind and spirit. Horticultural therapy has been used to improve mobility, balance, endurance, socialization and memory skills.   ·        A leadership development program in which successful participants will have the opportunity to lead future classes.   ·        A long-term, mini-community in which participants make long-lasting friendships with other Project 180 participants who are all committed to continuing to lead a positive lifestyle within the Project 180 goals and initiatives.   ·        A mentorship program in which successful adults have the opportunity to make an impact on the life of a Project 180 youth.    Many times parents are part of the reason why children have gone astray. They lack the appropriate parental skills and/or education to properly raise their children to be productive members of society. Therefore, another vital component of Project 180 Inc. is a parallel program for parents so they may gain additional skills to assist their teens. The Parent Empowerment Partnership Program (PEPP) is a parent development program in which the parents/guardians are given the tools needed to capitalize on progress made by their teens. PEPP also includes recruiting effective mentors for the 180 teens as an active aspect of Project 180, Inc. so that the vision “Transforming Troubled Teens…No Turning Back” may be fully realized.  

Project 180’s vision is to: Engage the lives of troubled teens and families, Equip them both with tools needed for significance, Inspire themselves and others, Empower them to leave a lasting positive legacy by modeling responsibility, motivating productivity, mentoring integrity and multiplying leadership.




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