Ozark Seed Bank

Dear Plant Grower, Plant Lover, Plant Eater,

Help us build the non-profit Ozark Seed Bank by becoming an Ozark Seed Bank member.

Regional seed banks are happening now across the country. Why? Because more than ever we need seeds that are dependable, not too hard to grow, and adapted to their regions, in our case the Ozarks region.

We seek out Ozarks-adapted farm and garden seeds, carefully maintain them in our climatically controlled seed vault, and get local growers to grow more of them, and then sell and otherwise distribute them.

Your tax-deductible membership can be for as little as $15.00 or as much as $500. Membership comes with a 20% discount on seed purchases, and we send you occasional updates. Please go to:  http://www.one-garden.org/membership.html

Thank you