Waste Audit to be held in Little Rock River Market

Keep Little Rock Beautiful is leading the effort to increase business and
multifamily recycling in Little Rock. Keep Little Rock Beautiful will work in parnetship with the River
Market Neighborhood Association, the River Market, the Service Group, U of A
Extension, and Ron Meyers & Associates to initiate a pilot business
recycling in the River Market District this spring. On Friday, march 14, at
1:30 p.m. we will conduct a waste audit for the trash from the River Market.

The waste audit will identify how much
recyclable waste can be potentially recovered through the program. That
morning, vendors at the River Market will put their sorted trash in the
Pavilion, showing everyone how much recyclable materials are being tossed.
At 1:30, everything will be weighed and recorded so we have a baseline
record of the trash before we start the recycling program.
The week of March 18 will be start of the pilot business recycling program,
with the Service Group picking up cardboard from 5 locations in the River
Market District. Soon after, the River Market Association will install
recycling containers on President Clinton Avenue so pedestrians can recycle
their cans and bottles.

For more information on the project, contact Ron Meyers, Chair, KLRB
Recycling Committee, at Meyers@RonMeyersAndAssociates.com, or 412-527-9317