Potluck Dinner and Short Movie at Sustainable Alternatives Wed Feb 25th 6-9pm

When: Wed Feb 25th, 6-9p.m.
Where: 101 North Woodrow, Little Rock (big green house at corner of Markham & Woodrow)
Yes, we've decided to do our potlucks again in 2009. Always the last Wednesday of the month, so mark your calendars. During the next few months, we thought we'd show some films, too. We know there's not much "local" food in season right now, but come join us for a meal anyway!
BYOB and favorite dish. We've got dishes, ice and serving utensils, as well as a full kitchen for last minute prep.
This month's feature includes "Coffee to Go," - it's about 20 minutes long, and we'll hit the start button around 7ish.
Coffee to Go
At the core of our ability to make change is how we decide to spend our hard-earned dollars. Buying a cuppa’ joe may seem like a very simple personal decision, but Coffee To Go quickly shows how our decisions can potentially have drastic effects on poor farmers, their communities and the countries in which our coffee is grown. What exactly is fair trade and how does the simple act of making informed choices when we shop for groceries help bring about a more equitable, sustainable and truly fair exchange between consumer and producer? Through moving interviews, informative stories and anecdotes we learn how to discern a truly great cup of coffee and how to spend our money wisely.
Parking is limited - carpool, ride the bus or your bike, and be considerate when parking on Woodrow or in our back yard/parking lot.
See you soon! Call or email Julie at 350-0713 or julie@sustainablealternatives.org for more information.