Women's Open Space

Women's Open Space

Local Women's Diverse Voices

Gathering to Empower Our Future

Location: The Green House 101 N. Woodrow St, Little Rock near the Kavanaugh and Markham intersection
                   (Parking behind house, in alley behind house, or in corner of Deaf and Blind School's field where the taxis park)  www. sustainablealternatives .org
Date: Saturday, January 31st
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

The objective of this gathering is to bring together a diverse, intergenerational group of women to address women's issues and the complex issues of sustainability from a personal to a global level.

The method is Open-Space which is a self-organizing conference where the participants, in the initial session, propose and decide upon what will be discussed, engaged or created during the following sessions. Not all participants must suggest topics nor be in attendance all day, but please come in time to attend desired individual sessions. All that is necessary to attend is an active desire to interact with other women to promote a healthier world.

The intention is to create a comfortable, supportive environment for us women to share our ideas, perspectives and knowledge so that we may gain greater personal empowerment, connection with our fellow women, and inspiration and opportunity to create positive change.

Whoever attends is perfect. Whatever happens is perfect.

The general structure of the meeting will be as such:

  9:00    -    9:45      Set-Up
  9:45    -    10:00    Arrival
10:00    -    11:00    Opening Session
11:00    -    12:30    First Session
12:30    -    1:30      Lunch*
  1:30    -    3:00      Second Session
  3:00    -    4:30      Third Session
  4:30    -    5:00      Closing Session
  5:00    -    5:30      Clean-Up

Needed: A handful of volunteers will bring a few dishes for lunch. Labeled dishes, snacks, beverages, large paper and markers, or financial donations from organizations or individuals are greatly appreciated.  Supplies and inspiration for any group you want to lead or participate in (i.e. films, art supplies, dance pads, music, visuals, hoola-hoops, literature).

Have for use: digital projector, dishes, kitchen appliances, fridge, space, some chairs, etc.

If you would like more information or to volunteer please contact no particular organization, just these women:

Rose Nuffer, 828.333.8947, nufferrm@hendrix .edu, Arkansan born-and-raised, traveler, gardener, woman.
April Ambrose, 501-733-9996, earthapril@gmail .com, Arkansan born-and-raised, greenie, kayaker, woman.

Attachment: A double-sided handout for you to help spread the word!  Invite every/any woman!

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