It's easy to use  Simply create a profile and send your information directly to the site.



Where, on this site, do we find a list of all the contributors?  So far, I can only see who's new.


not sure what you mean by contributors but...


I'm not sure what you mean by contributors.  This site was initiated by a group of organizations to be developed as tool for us to use to promote info and events.  The primary initator was April Ambrose, at Arkansas Earth Day.  If you mean financial contributors, the only financial cost has been to build the site, and you could ask April how that was funded.  If you mean content contributors, I think there is a function where you can list all users.  The idea behind the site is to create an easy-to-use format for sharing information and posting events.  There is no one entity in charge, several agencies have administrative capabilities on the site.  The site should remedy the challenge we face in keeping up-to-date with the various activites and events happening in Arkansas.  It should also help with scheduling events and promoting them as well.

Hope that's helpful,