U.S. Association Wildlife Links

Applications Invited for United States Golf Association Wildlife Links

A cooperative program between the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the United States Golf Association, the Wildlife Links program seeks to fund research, management, and education projects that will enhance wildlife management on golf courses on at least a state-wide and preferably a regional or national basis. Funding is not available for habitat improvements on individual courses (butterfly gardens, nest box trails, etc.).

Research projects must be applied in nature and hold the promise of practical outcomes that will benefit wildlife conservation through golf course design and management. Applicants should clearly demonstrate communication with appropriate representatives within the golf industry to ensure the practicality of proposed projects. Native pollinators, aquatic invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, birds, and small mammals are all priorities for Wildlife Links.

Grants of up to $30,000 annually may be requested for up to two years ($60,000 total). All grant awards require a minimum 1:1 match of cash or contributed goods and services.

Visit the NFWF Web site for the complete Request for Proposals.

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