Support AR Energy Efficiency Bill HB 1903 - Committee Meeting Tomorrow!

Introduced by Representative Joan Cash of Jonesboro, HB 1903, or the Energy Efficiency Performance Standards Act, would require Arkansas electric and gas companies to help people conserve 1% of the state's energy per year. Tomorrow the House Insurance and Commerce Committee will consider the bill.

Folks, I urge you to do two things:

  1. Attend the House Insurance and Commerce meeting, tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Room 149 at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock. Tell the committee members that you want to see HB 1903 passed!
  2. Contact your state House members and tell them to support HB 1903. To find your House member, visit The bill will be opposed by energy companies, so it is important that you contact your legislators as soon as possible!

Most people in the U.S. already live in a state with an energy efficiency standard. Why? Because energy efficiency standards help save money and create jobs. Unfortunately, Arkansas is behind the curve, even though our electricity usage is double the usage in some other states.

Energy efficiency = $$$ and Green Jobs. Energy Efficiency = Lower Energy Demand = No New Power Plant. Contact your legislators and tell them to support HB 1903!