SlowFoodUSA Food Program

Emily Stephenson sent a message using the contact form at

Good Afternoon,

I’m writing on behalf of the non-profit Slow Food USA. I found your group when doing some research on food and sustainability related groups and I thought I’d reach out to you about our campaign.

I’m reaching out to Arkansas organizations because right now, we have an opportunity to ensure America’s kids get the school lunch they deserve: real food that’s healthy, nourishing and freshly cooked. Congress updates school meal programs every four years, and the next update is scheduled for the beginning of next year. And as you know, Blanche Lincoln plays an important role as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Before February, legislators need to see that that kids and parents in Arkansas are hungry for more healthful school food.

The Time for Lunch campaign is working to get thousands of letters – especially letters from kids – sent in to Congress by February. I’m sure your members are concerned about this issue, so I’d love your help getting letters written.

You can learn more and read letter-writing tips on our web site:

I’m also available to answer questions. If you’d like, I can email you some handouts that parents can use, as well as talking points that you can use to write about the campaign.

Since Congress only updates this law every four years, now’s our chance to ensure that the 31 million children who benefit from school meal programs are getting the food they need to do well in school and grow up to be healthy, productive adults.

Thank you,

Emily Stephenson