Opportunity to Go Local and Sustainable at WildWood

I was asked to post this by Jeff Roper...So WildWood Park for the Arts is having their 2nd Annual Harvest Festival October 24 and 25.  Last year they had approx 1,800 people each day.  Last night we had a volunteer meeting and it came out that what they are trying to do is make this a ‘local’ event.  Some of the activities will include music (from local bluegrass type bands), a fiddle contest, a flat pickers contest, food (from local growers and restaurants), hay rides, a big pumpkin patch, a cooking contest and the ingredient is root vegetables (hello The Root Café), Ballet Arkansas performances, Little Rock Wind Symphony performance, scarecrow making booths, cake walks, exhibitor booths, demonstrations (canning, cooking, raw foods, for examples) and lots of other fun things.
It truly is their mission to reach the community thru the art music and the art of food, especial local foods.  They have 3 other festivals throughout the year, but this one is their biggest.

They have asked me to help coordinate the local foods and local music aspects of the festival.  The opportunity is for people to be food vendors, exhibitors / demonstrators, cooking competition participants, blue grass band / musical competitors (which will take place on Saturday),  musical entertainers (which will take place on Sunday).  It would be very, very helpful if you guys could pass this info along to other people who would be interested, especially Jody Hardin, who has been called by someone at WildWood already.  Once we see who all is interested we’ll call a special meeting just for the food component of the festival.  Please write me back with your interest & your ideas.  The WildWood people are open to just about anything and are very excited about having locavores as a big part of their festival and their overall mission of being a Park for the Arts.

Jeff Roper

Examples; I envision The Root Cafe serving food, maybe judging the cooking contest, working with ASN on demonstrations of sustainable alternatives, ASN having an info booth, The House serving food and having an info booth, maybe Jody can have produce to sell and some info to give out, The Green Corner Store having items for sale, and on and on.  Hopefully you get the idea and this will turn into a big thing.