Help out a UALR Student

This posting is to help out a student at UALR with an information request.

Here is his question....

Hello, members of the green community in Little Rock, AR. I am trying to
get a pulse on what kinds of green activities, groups, and events are here
in Little Rock.
Please let me know what is happening, email me at

This information will be used to help inform the city of Little Rock about the green
community that is forming here.
Thank you,

Let's see if we can help him out!


good luck

hey, i know ualr itself has a floundering garden project of sorts, i forwarded your info to an associated person, i think they will get back to you.

also, there is a blog called 'green ar by the day' by the user nao that is lr-centric

also, here is another ualr student: good luck