The Future of SustainAR!!!! Please give feedback!

Hey everyone!

I've got a lot of plans for SustainAR, but haven't had as much time as I wish to work on it.  So, I've decided to ask the community, and get your feedback as to priorities.  Please read this post and submit your comments!

First off, I want to update the profile system....make it a lot fancier and nice.   Sound good?  It will require that you update your profile information again, but it will be in a format (more like facebook) that will be more useful I think.  Do you mind having public profiles?

Second, I'm DEBATING on adding a banner ad to the page.  HOWEVER, these won't be google ads or the sort.  What I would like is LOCAL, ARKANSAS businesses.  These ads would be for members to spread to this community information about their business and how it supports sustainability.  The ads will be pretty cheap.  I also only plan on only having one rotating banner ad so as to not clutter the site.  I really want to hear what you all think of this.  Would it bother you having one ad on the page?  Would you be interesting in buying an ad?

And Finally, I'd like to open up the forum for any suggestions you might have.  It's really nice to see this site being used and having members that support each other.  It will be your suggestions that help improve this.

Again, thanks for your feedback!

Michael Watt, SustainAR webmaster