Energy Efficiency Funding

UALR Student's Info on $ Available for Energy Efficiency

Attached is a document created by UALR students under the direction of Nancy Landrum.

This attempts to collate all the available funds available for businesses to do energy efficiency work.

The second document attached is from Susan Recken at the Energy Office, who will post both to the AR Energy Office Website.  She also said

"This is GREAT information in a terrific format!  Congratulations to the students who put this together.  I would offer that all investor owned utilities are required (by the PSC) to provide energy conservation/efficiency programs to all customer classes.  I am attaching a summary of the programs that are currently available under the “Quick Start” program.  New and additional programs will be offered following the approval by the PSC (sometime this summer) for the “Comprehensive Programs.”   I’ll be updating the summary accordingly when everything if final.  I hope this is helpful too."

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