Brownfield grant proposal assistance

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October 8, 2010
To Whom It May Concern
Dear Sir or Madam:

The Conway Department of Planning and Development is currently drafting a Brownfield grant proposal requesting assistance from the EPA.

The Brownfield’s Grant Program provides resources to aid in the assessment and cleanup of Brownfield properties.  A Brownfield is defined as: abandoned, idle, or underused industrial and commercial areas where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.

The Conway Department of Planning and Development intends to capitalize on these opportunities through a comprehensive and sustainable action plan.  The new Brownfield Redevelopment Program will connect technical assistance and direct Federal funding to local property owners, developers, financiers, and community and economic development agencies that are committed to building a stronger economy while being good stewards of our urban environment.  The Program will include provisions for thoroughly assessing sites which may hold potential for Brownfield designation, and in cleaning up those sites which qualify as Brownfield’s.  The ultimate goal is that the Conway real estate market will witness the complete life cycle of these older sites: from yesterday’s contributions, to today’s fallow, to tomorrows promise.

The City of Conway believes that with proper partnering among public and private entities, coupled with the framework provided by the Brownfield Redevelopment Program and a drive to succeed, we can create ready and available commercial, industrial, office, and residential properties with near limitless development potential.

We believe that this program will be a great benefit to the City of Conway and we hope that you also see this potential.  As such, we are asking that you provide us with a brief letter of support stating your desire to see this investment made in our community.  If desired, we will provide you with a template on which to base you support letter.  We greatly appreciate you assistance.


Cordell Reynolds
Assistant to Special Projects
Conway Department of Planning and Development