Beebe, Suskie & McDanile Support Energy Efficiency Bill HB 1903. Will You? Committee Meeting Today!

Introduced by Representative Joan Cash of Jonesboro and supported by Representative Kathy Webb, HB 1903, or the Energy Efficiency Performance Standards Act, would require Arkansas electric and gas companies to help people conserve 1% of the state's energy per year. The House Insurance and Commerce Committee planned to consider the bill on Wednesday, but it decided to push it until today.

Folks, HB 1903 will take millions of dollars away from energy companies. Moreover, it will deal a blow to SWEPCO's main argument for constructing a new coal plant in Hempstead County - that Arkansas needs more energy. PSC Chairman Paul Suskie plans to testify at today's committee meeting in support of the bill. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel will send a staff to testify in support of the bill. Governor Beebe's staff have been lobbying the committee members to pass the bill. Sammye Cox, who lobbies on behalf of SWEPCO, will testify against the bill. The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, which has Entergy as one of its biggest members, will testify against the bill.

Folks, I urge you to do two things:

  1. Attend the House Insurance and Commerce meeting, today at 9 a.m., in Room 149 at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock. Tell the committee members that you want to see HB 1903 passed!
  2. Continue to contact your state House members and tell them to support HB 1903. To find your House member, visit The bill will be opposed by energy companies, so it is important that you contact your legislators as soon as possible!

Eddy Moore with the Arkansas Public Policy Panel will testify in favor of the bill. Ken Smith of Audubon Arkansas may testify. Don't let Ken and Eddy be the only environmentalists in a room full of energy lobbyists. Let's pack the committee room with greenies and show that WE WANT ENERGY EFFICIENCY!!!

Energy Efficiency = $$$ and Green Jobs. Energy Efficiency = Lower Energy Demand = No New Power Plant. Attend today's committee meeting and tell legislators to support Energy Efficiency Bill HB 1903!